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Privacy Policy

RESPONSIBLE FOR THE PROCESSING OF PERSONAL DATA. Dr. Alejandro Miravete Gálvez ______________________ (the "Responsible") is the Responsible for purposes of the Federal Law on protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties (the "Data Law"), with address at Mayorga 123 Pb Col. Lomas de Chapultepec, Miguel Hidalgo, Mexico City in accordance with the provisions of Article 17, section II of the Data Law.


PURPOSE OF THE PROCESSING OF PERSONAL DATA. You are informed that the personal data in the possession of the Responsible Party will be used to:

  1. Provision of the medical service you require.

  2. Send your data, where appropriate, to other treating doctors, hospitals and clinical services.

  3. Transfer your data, where appropriate, to the health care insurance company or company with whom you have contracted a medical expense insurance policy; or be entitled.

  4. Creation, study, analysis, updating and conservation of the clinical record.

  5. Studies, records, statistics and analysis of health information.

  6. Billing and collection for services.

  7. Determine if you need to be treated as a vulnerable and high-risk patient.

  8. Give correct treatment.

  9. Keep records for the correct provision of services in the future.

  10. Carry out service satisfaction surveys, and promotion and marketing of products and services offered by the Responsible.

  11. Contact you to make appointments and / or inform you of changes in the date, time and location of medical appointments.


PERSONAL DATA COLLECTED: Therefore and to achieve the aforementioned purposes, the following personal data will be collected: full name, date of birth, gender, home and / or work address, home, office and mobile phone numbers, occupation, email , data of your health insurance, RFC, CURP, tax billing data, contact information in case of emergency, data of your legal representative, person who refers you, and, where appropriate, full name, date of birth, number cell phone and  occupation of the patient's mother and father and name and date of birth of the patient's siblings.


SENSITIVE DATA: In order to provide medical attention and in accordance with the applicable health legislation, the following sensitive personal data will be requested: hereditary family history, pathological personal history, non-pathological personal history, current health status, past and present procedures , past and present medications, allergy information, and relevant health history.


In relation to the personal and sensitive data collected, the Responsible Party undertakes that only the data that is absolutely essential for the aforementioned purposes will be collected and that they will be processed under the appropriate security measures to protect their confidentiality.  


In the event that there is any change in this privacy notice, we will communicate it by sending an email to the account you have granted us.  We will not be responsible if you do not receive the notice of change in the privacy notice due to a problem with your email account.


TRANSFER: For the provision of services, the Responsible may transfer the personal data in his possession within and outside the country to outsourced third parties for purposes related to those indicated in this privacy notice.  Among the third parties to which said data is transferred include without limitation: laboratories, clinics, hospitals, research centers, insurers, providers of computer programs used by the Responsible, etc., or those that the Responsible considers necessary or convenient communicate personal data.  


LIMITATION OF USE AND DISCLOSURE OF PERSONAL DATA: To limit the use of your personal data, in accordance with the provisions of the Data Law, you may request through the email _dr.miravete@gmail.com__ the exercise of your ARCO Rights, which consist of access to your personal data, its rectification, cancellation or opposition to its treatment for specific purposes; The Responsible Party being in charge of following up on your request and giving you a response within the next 30 (twenty) business days.  Likewise, you may revoke your consent to this Privacy Notice.


MEANS TO EXERCISE YOUR ARCO RIGHTS. For the exercise of your ARCO Rights and / or the revocation of your consent for the processing of your personal data by the Responsible, you must submit a request to the Responsible to the email mentioned above accompanied by the following information:

  • Full name,

  • Date of birth

  • Full address

  • Valid identification that proves your personality (IFE, Passport, Professional Certificate or Migratory Document).

  • If the owner is not the one who submits the application, the document that proves the existence of the representation, that is, a public instrument signed before two witnesses, together with the identification of the owner and the representative (IFE, Passport, Professional Certificate or Document Migratory).

  • In the case of minors, the legal representation of this must be accredited with: birth certificate and credential with photograph of the minor, IMSS credential, valid passport or any other form of identification that has a photograph, in addition to going to present the documents for their respective collation, the signature of the document that will be attached to the application as "Accreditation of legal representation" must be shown in which under protest of telling the truth, it is stated that it is responsible for the minor.

  • A clear and precise description of the personal data with respect to which you seek to exercise any of the ARCO Rights, what is the right to exercise and the reasons why you wish to exercise it.


CHANGES TO THE PRIVACY NOTICE. The person in charge reserves the right to amend or modify this Privacy Notice as it deems appropriate, for example, to comply with changes in the legislation on data protection or health. The person in charge will inform you and make the updated Privacy Notice available to you when significant changes are made, as well as when your consent is required.


I declare under protest of telling the truth that I have read this Privacy Notice in its entirety and fully understand its scope and content.  I hereby grant my consent for my personal data, including sensitive data, to be processed in accordance with this Privacy Notice.

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